Ewha Paper Search Nano Science Group
이화여대 물리학과
Advanced Materials
Applied Physics A
Applied Physics Letters
Biophysics Journal
IEEE Journal of MEMS
Journal of Applied Physics
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B
Physical Review B
Physical Review Letters
Synthetic Metals
ICPR online Journal
Online Journal of Tokyo Uni
RIKEN Review
IBM Journal of R&D
Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences
Cornell NanoScale Sicence and Technology Facility
P.L.McEuen group(Cornell University & Berkeley)
K.von Klitzing group (Max Planck Institute)
Quantum Transport in Delft Univ.(Hans Mooij, Kouwenhoven’s  Group)
C. Dekker Group
Nanotube site(Michigan State University (Tomanek group))
R.Smalley group(Rice University)
A.Zettl group(Berkeley)
J.Heath group(UCLA)
C.M.Lieber group(Harvard University)
M.A.Reed group(Yale University)
Kern group (Max Planck Institute)
T. Claeson’s group(Chalmers U. Sweden)
CSNS(Center for Science in Nanometer Scale, SNU)
D. Carroll’s Group(NANOTECH, Clemson University)
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